Psychic technology, Erin Sexton, 2021

solo exhibition as part of Ready Making #4 curated by Janine Eisenächer and Steffi Weismann

Hošek Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

In 2018 Sexton visited Area 51 and used the barbwire fence surrounding the facility as an amateur radio antenna. She forgot to bring the necessary cables but managed to salvage parts from the kind folks of Rachel, Nevada. Audio and video recordings of this expedition were presented along with new sculpture.

(above image: Psychic technology, Erin Sexton, 2021, digital collage.  images below: Hošek Contemporary)



1 Fuck Capitalism, amethyst, gum, glow string, pigment, wood, copper tape

2 Manifolder 1 + 2, glow tape, tarp samples, pigment, wood


3 Disclosurer, stone from Area 51, gum, pigment, tinfoil, polycord, wood

4 Golden chain, fool’s gold, wood, pyrite, gum, tape, pigment


5 Free Mars, mylar, tinfoil, wood, pigment

6 Venusians, copper, pigment, wood


7 Pentagoner, quartz, tinfoil, gum, tape, pigment, wood

8 Troll blasters, foam, gum, pigment, tape wood


9 Area 51 radio expedition, sound/ video, 10 min 31 sec (loop) 


10 fence, nylon paracord, burnt wood, plastic, tape

11 untitled, nylon paracord, plastic, knots


12 orb, tinfoil, yoga ball, tape

13 protection, antenna, copper tape, pentagram, copper wire, alligator clip

much gratitude to Julia Cremers + Elif Gülin Soguksu for assistance with remote install

Area 51 radio expedition camera assistance: Rasmus Hungnes