Jump Point
Rom 61, Bergen, Norway

installation view, with Portal, glow tape

video documentation with MacGyver in Space (excerpt), song by Øyvind Ask time-stretched by 720%, transmitted live from Bergen Kringkaster on 1314 kHz AM / 93.8 MHz FM during exhibition, voice by Øystein Ask

Host, paracord, foam, wood, mylar

Expedition, carbon, textile, foam, found objects

Staving (detail), textile, borax crystals, mylar, wood, rope

Pentachoron II, paracord, steel

photos: Rasmus Hungnes

Tusen takk: KMD, USF, Kulturrådet, Bergen Kringkaster, Øystein Ask, Øyvind Ask, Rasmus Hungnes, Dan Brown Brølund, Kirsti van Hoegee