ERIN SEXTON (b. 1982) is a Canadian artist whose works could be described as ritualistic science fiction experiments. They accelerate toward speculative futures where alternate modes of perception might somehow liberate us. In her sculptures and installations she tries to blur the boundaries between abstract models and everyday objects, searching for playful potential within paradox. Global warming and existential threat are undercurrents in her work, explored through expanded notions of time and materiality. As a licensed amateur radio operator (LB9OH/VE2SXN), transmission and collaboration are central to her practice. She is currently based in Bergen, Norway.

email: contact<at>
insta:  @erin.sexton


2015 – 2017   Bergen Academy of Art + Design / University of Bergen, Master of Fine Arts, Bergen, Norway
2004 – 2006   Concordia University, BFA with distinction, Interdisciplinary Studies, Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada
2001 – 2004   Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Integrated Media, Vancouver, Canada

solo exhibitions
2018   Jump Point, Rom 61, UiB KMD, Bergen, Norway
2018   Hyperdimensional Variations III, RAKE visningsrom, Trondheim, Norway
2017   NOÖSPHERE, Lydgalleriet, Bergen, Norway
2017   Hyperdimensional Variations II, Galerie Rezdechaussée, Bordeaux, France
2017   CONTACT, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway
2016   Résonateur Cosmique, w/ Alexander Wilson, Sporobole, Sherbrooke, Canada
2016   Inside the Out, Destroy Vancouver XVII, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada
2015   Until it is struck, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, Canada
2013   Crystalline Domain, Third Space Gallery, Saint John, Canada
2007   Aircraft! vs Total Music, w/ Alain Lefevbre, DGC Gallery, Montréal, Canada

group shows
2018   For MS, Amplification, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, Canada
2018   Portals, Ludacrium (Is It A Game?), Kreutzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany
2018   Entities, NOÖSPHERICS, Lydgalleriet / ØSTRE, Bergen, Norway
2017   LA1B test, Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound, Radius, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA
2017   Triage, Master’s Exhibition, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
2016   Hyperdimensional Variations I, Poekhali! Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
2016   Something that could easily be mistaken for nothing, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Fall Apartment, Bergen, Norway
2016   Never Say Die, RIFT, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway
2016   The chemicals talk, Resonant Structures, Babycastles Gallery, New York, USA
2016   The chemicals talk, Resonant Structures, Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, Stony Brook, USA
2015   The chemicals talk, PIKSEL15, S12 Galleri, Bergen, Norway
2015   Spectral Resonance, Systemic Sampling, Stream Gallery, New York, USA
2014   Crystalline Domain, Biennale Internationale d’Art Numérique, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, Canada
2013   Electromagnetic Medium, Voices From Beyond: The EVP Project, POP MTL, Montréal, Canada
2013   Electromagnetic Medium, Send + Receive festival, Videopool, Winnipeg, Canada
2013   Untitled (salt, water, electronics), MuseRuole, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Bolzano, Italy
2008   Ostinato 20 + 28, Le Son a des Jambes, SAT Galerie, Montréal, Canada
2007   Shot, Feminine Products, My Hero Gallery, Montréal, Canada

selected solo performances
2016   Electromagnetic Dimension, Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway
2015   Electromagnetic Dimension, STWST48 / Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
Sight + Sound festival, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada
2014   Phase Space, Goldsmiths University + Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK
Piksel14, Bergen, Norway
Opekta, Köln, Germany
Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium
Echoraum, Vienna, Austria
Send + Receive festival, Actual Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada
Electric Eclectics festival, Meaford, Canada
La Guérilla: unis par le bruit, Manif d’Art 7, Québec, Canada
Deep Wireless Festival, New Adventures In Sound Art, Toronto, Canada
2013   Electrochemical Improvisation, Silent Barn, New York, USA
2013   L’Espace, Cristaux, Électroniques, Feedback, Le Lobe, Chicoutimi, Canada
2013   Phase Space, Sight + Sound, Eastern Bloc, Montréal, Canada
2013   Space II, Volume: Hear Here, curator Christof Migone, Blackwood Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2012   Speaker-Piezo, 24 gauche, Espace Projet, Montréal, Canada
2012   Other dimensions VIII, Sounds in a Room, Victoria, Canada
2012   Dimensional Refractions, Ende Tymes Festival, Outpost Artist Resources, New York, USA
2011   Other dimensions VII, Sucked Orange Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2011   Other dimensions VI, Arteleku, Donostia, Spain
2011   Other dimensions V, Knot Gallery, Athens, Greece
2011   Other dimensions IV, Sounds Like…, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada
2010   Other dimensions II, Send + Receive v.12, Urban Shaman, Winnipeg, Canada
2010   Bullets, salt, electronics, Launch for .dpi Resistance + Violence, Studio XX, Montréal, Canada
2008   Amiga, switch, a/v performance, Je Me Souviens 4, La Sala Rosa, Montréal, Canada
2007   Very, New Forms Festival, Scotiabank Dance Center, Vancouver, Canada
2006   Echo Echo, Mutek 06, Le Placard, SAT, Montréal, Canada
2006   Oscillators, shortwave, bass feedback, Nuit Blanche, Gallerie B312, Montréal, Canada

selected performance collaborations
2016   Disnovation / Drone 2000, w/ Nicolas Maigret, transmediale, HKW, Berlin, Germany
2014   Elementary Structures, w/ Magali Babin, Fountain House, Raumlabor Berlin/Goethe Institute, Montréal, Canada
2014   G.I.A.S.O. (Great International Audio Streaming Orchestra), Network Music Festival, Birmingham, UK
2014   Duo w/ Katherine Liberovskaya, Optosonic Tea, Silent Barn, New York, USA
2013   Cinema pour l’Oreille, La Sala Rosa, Montréal, Canada
2013   Mouvements, FÜNF, Akousma X, Usine C, Montréal, Canada
2013   FÜNF, Mutek, PLAY 3, Monument National Theatre, Montréal, Canada
2012   Ænth, w/ Alexander Wilson, VIVO, Vancouver, Canada
2012   Ænth, Choses qui tombent du ciel, La Sala Rosa, Montréal, Canada
2011   Unfortunately Gorgeous, w/ Pascale Barret, 24 gauche, Espace Projet, Montréal, Canada
2011   Duo w/ Seiji Morimoto, Experimontag, Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany
2011   Trio w/ Loty Negarti and Alexander Wilson, Kaxerna Gaztetxea, Bera, Spain
2011   Ænth, w/ Alexander Wilson, No Central, Athens, Greece
2011   Ænth, w/ Alexander Wilson, Platform for Performance Artists, Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany
2011   FÜNF, Travaux Electroniques Feminins, Conservatoire de Musique du Québec, Montréal, Canada
2010   Duo w/ Magali Babin, w/, Share, Issue Project Room, New York, USA
2009   Solo and duos w/ Steve Bates + Katherine Kline, Mutek 10, Monument National Theatre, Montréal, Canada
2008   Duo w/ Emilie Mouchous, Bent Festival, DCTV/The Tank, New York, USA

2015   lumière sonore, w/ Magali Babin + Productions Supermusique, Eureka! Festival, Montréal, Québec
2014   electrochemical improvisation: experiments with electronics, sound, and crystallization, presented at:
Eastern Bloc, Montréal, Québec
Bauhaus University, Faculty of Media Arts, Weimar, Germany
PIKSEL14, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway
CIPke, RAMPA Lab, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2014   Music in the Brain Research Group, Centre of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN), Aarhus, Denmark
2014   Deep Wireless Festival, New Adventures In Sound Art, Toronto, Canada
2012   Crystalline Domain, Studio XX, Montreal, Québec
2010   Real-Time-Space, Excavation Sonore series, Avatar, Québec, Québec

2018   NOÖSPHERICS, artist book, Topos Bokforlag, Bergen, Norway
2017   Making Contact, Erin Sexton, NRRL Amatør Radio Magazine, No. 1 – January 2017, p. 14 – 15
2016   Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art, Peter Weibel, Canadasonic, essay by Christof Migone, ZKM / MIT Press
2016   Resonant Structures, catalog, Perceptual Limits, essay by Flannery Cunningham, Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, NY
2015   Volumes, Book + Vinyl, Christof Migone, Martin Arnold, Blackwood / Mackenzie / SBC Galleries, Canada
2015   Systemic Sampling, catalog, Stream Gallery, New York, USA

selected press
2015   La Nature en DIY / The Nature of DIY, Esther Bourdages, ETCMEDIA 105, p. 56 – 69
2015   Sonic Encounters: In Conversation with Sound Artist Erin Sexton, Deanna Radford, Herizons Vol. 29 No. 2, p. 40 – 42
2014   Erin Sexton tunes in to the eternal music of matter, Deanna Radford, Musicworks #119, p. 28 – 31
2013   Sight & Sound’s digital self-reflexivity, Juan Camilo Velasquez, The McGill Daily, May 27, p. 1 – 6

2015   Galerie Pache 100, digital album compilation, duo w/ Érick D’Orion, Galerie Pache, Paris, France
2014   FÜNF, la règle, CD, DAME / Ambiances Magnétiques, Montréal, Québec
2013   An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music #7, 1930 – 2012, CD compilation, Sub Rosa, Brussels, Belgium
2012   Compilado Sonoro Ursonate Vol. 2, 2 CDr compilation, limited edition, Ursonate Magazine, Madrid, Spain
2011   Horizon, double CD, w/ Magali Babin, Martin Tétreault, Érick d’Orion, Hélène Prévost, les encodage de l’oubli
2008   Ostinato 20 + 28, CDr compilation, limited edition, ORAL
2004   Aircraft, CDr, independent

grants + awards
2018   Prosjektstøtte, Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond; Internasjonal kunst- og kulturutveksling, Bergen Kommune, Norway
2018   SKS Arbeidsstipend for yngre nyetablerte kunstnere, Kulturrådet, Norway
2017   Profesjonelle kunst- og kulturtiltak, Tverrfaglig prosjekt, Bergen Kommune, Norway
2017   Utstillingsstøtte til kunstnere i etableringsfasen, Kulturrådet Norway
2017   Diversestipend for Graduate Artists, Kulturrådet Norway; Etableringsstipend, Bergen Kommune, Norway
2017   USF studio 2017/2018, UiB Institute of Fine Art, Bergen, Norway
2016   Production Grant, Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2014   Production Grant, Canada Council for the Arts; Composer’s Residency Grant, SOCAN; Travel Grants, CCA + CALQ
2013   Research and Creation Grant, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ)

other professional experience
2016   Assistant to Joe Davis for Det nye Eden, Sølvberget Galleri, Stavanger, Norway
2016   Guest instructor, Darsha Hewitt’s ‘Sensing Space with Sound’ class, Bauhaus, Weimar, Germany
2015 – 2016   KHiB Masters Seminar Coordinator, Bergen, Norway
2015 – 2016   PIKSEL Festival, production assistant, press, communications, web design, Bergen, Norway
2015   Canada Council for the Arts, Peer Assessor for the New Music program, Ottawa, Canada
2013 – 2015 Perte de Signal, Rustineslab committee, artist in residence selection, Montreal, Quebec