Contingency planning

Galleri Memphis at the Pentadome
Oslo / Hakadal, Norway

‘Contingency planning’ is an exhibition / happening, an open-structure exploration of sci-fi survival, collective movement, and metaphysical sculpture. Beyond strategizing to cope with catastrophe, ‘contingency’ refers to the fundamental state of change and uncertainty, where the foundation of reality is in constant flux, and absolutely anything is possible.

Sexton’s praxis mobilizes speculative methods for coping with future anxiety and our paradoxical present, caught within late (already dead) capitalism. Perception and dimensionality are explored via knots, suspension, and live ionospheric radio.

She has created a series of wearable / occupiable sculptures from paracord, tarpaulin, and netting that she considers metaphysical prosthetics, hybrid tools for basic survival and hyperdimensional experience. Hamada brings his extensive knowledge of body structure and movement dynamics to the project, creating a bridge from the physical to the beyond via a performance. Visitors are invited to engage freely with works and a Pentadome rave follows.

Yohei Hamada (b. 1987) is a Japanese dance artist and movement researcher based in Bergen, Norway. He develops choreographies concerning time, space, and perception, exploring tensegrity models and evolutionary principles.

Galleri Memphis :

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Tromsø Art Academy, Kurant (2020), Bergen Kommune, and BEK (2019).