Fascism is pathetic and boring

Collective chanting of vocal sigil and amateur radio transmission ritual by Erin Sexton
feat. commissioned recording by Norse philologist Eirik Storesund  https://www.brutenorse.com/
reading Odin’s poem Håvamål in Old Norse followed by his translations in English and Haugesund-Norwegian.
The transmission ritual shifts into ecstatic dance floor vibes courtesy of
XDDD-DJ Mist Rebuttal (Rasmus Hungnes)  https://soundcloud.com/thevoiceofageneration

Recorded live December 17th/18th 2022 ~5am-6:30am at “Winter Solstice 10 year anniversary 2022”, Kroloftet, Oslo

Curated by Vandaler Forening / Hanan Bennammar https://vandalerforening.org/winter-solstice/